Hannathon can solely boast of having one of the best competent hands when it comes to customer Service..

The A to Z of Customer Service is one of our core functionality. We aim to please our clients and make them as comfortable as possible. We are specially trained and equipped to also assist in training staff of corporate organisations, hotels, government functionaries, administrative staff of any company etc on how best to deal with customers. Most people are not aware that there are several categories of Customers. One must seek to know them and work with each one as best as the company can for optimal service.

Leadership Training;

Our schedule

  • Relationship Building
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Engaging your employees
  • Delivering Quality Service
  • Managing Change
  • Empower Employees
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Mentoring
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leading an Effective Team

We want to have an opportunity to take off a lot of load from your shoulders, this is why we are specialists in Marketing Communications.

We will be solely responsible for fulfilling key marketing communications functions which will definitely include PR, Advertising and social media relevance since it is fast becoming a veritable tool in marketing. These functions can involve developing, administering, researching and monitoring and managing social platforms, marketing campaigns, creating web content as the need arises. Hannathon will also help with your company’s sale drive. We will assist to train staff from time to time.

The challenges that a lot of people and several corporate organisations face is not to train and re-train staff, it is the ability, to infiltrate in those already trained, to impact on their subordinates what they have learned and also for them to make it a way of life.

This has proven overtime to be most resourceful but also the most neglected. At Hannathon, capacity development and training gives us the most satisfaction. We are richly concerned about impacting knowledge, developing potentials and harnessing talents through our multi- dimensional scope of training which encompasses almost all sectors. These training programs can be conducted either in the comfort of the confines of your companies or we could look for a very conducive environment to conduct the training. Based on popular demand, we have expanded our reach with partnerships in the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States by taking people from Nigeria to have a feel of the learning environment and structure outside the Country. Based on demand, we can also fly in our partners to come down to Nigeria to conduct the training program which have proven over time to be very beneficial.
We also organize short workshops and seminars as the need arises..

We are an organization set to revolutionize the Travels and Tours arena and make it a pleasurable, yet fulfilling experience for all our clients..

Our scope is not limited by the distance of the Country. So long as it is on the map, it is achievable by Hannathon Network International Limited. We want to explore the beautiful Islands of the Caribbean, the very exciting and sunny side Florida and Miami Beach in the United States, Spain, Venice and several other cool resorts and wonderful places to visit, either for a summer vacation for a an anniversary with that special person. There are quite a vast number of lovely amazing places around the world. Do not miss out on this wonderful experience of a life time. Join us at Hannathon Network, where we promise to deliver authentic fun!

Organizing Corporate events is one of our forte, one of the best way to promote your brand and make it solid is to make yourself known for organizing the best well packaged event in town.

It is also a part of marketing. Remember that you will be inviting quite a number of people to that event, it must be resplendent of what your company stands for. Your brand could be re-defined through that Corporate event of yours. Whether it is to launch a new product or to celebrate your customers or an annual awards ceremony. Your guests must feel that they are a part of something really unique and a select set of special staff must be properly put in place. These are some of the brilliant ideas that we plan to give you when you hire us to take care of that special function that will be full of glitz, class and glamour.